Cancha is the only integrated solution for geometallurgical sample selection, result interpretation, prediction modelling and reporting.

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Cancha is used by geologists, miners, metallurgists and geometallurgists to accurately, efficiently and transparently project metallurgical performance for mineral resources.

Its unique geostatistical functions are used to ensure that samples are representative. This improves confidence in metallurgical testwork results and reduces financial risk to mining companies.

The analysis and interpretation module uses advanced data science, analytics and machine learning to propose prediction algorithms for each parameter of interest. These parameters typically include recovery, product quality, operating cost and throughput rates, however Cancha has the flexibility to provide robust predictions for any measured parameter.

Thanks to the integrated reporting module, the documentation and presentation of geometallurgical models is fully automated, facilitating knowledge transfer, audits and reviews.

Cancha is an indispensable tool for geometallurgical interpretation for large, medium and small mines, base metals, precious metals, industrial minerals, light metals, PGM’s, coal and shale oil and more.

Cancha raises the bar for reporting standards in metallurgical performance projections. It was developed to aid the geometallurgists, but it is valued by investors for bringing confidence and transparency to mine economic models.

Functions include: