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Cancha geometallurgy software

Cancha win64 setup.exe

It is the same download for the demo and commercial license versions.

  • New users will need a valid authorization code to activate the software
  • Existing licensed users will be able to install this update over their current installation and their current authorization will persist

Bonnie example project data

Download Bonnie Example Project

This example data set is a fake data set, created for tutorials, demos, and new users.
The data set is intentionally small and simple.
The idea is that it is an early stage small gold project that has some basic cyanidation leaching
testwork completed.
A full explanation of how to use each tool is given in the Cancha User Manual. This example
is meant to be an example of how Cancha can be used to visualize, develop hypotheses and
test them for a geometallurgical solution.
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